Bathroom Cat-astrophe! How do I fix my shower rod?
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Bathroom Cat-astrophe! How do I fix my shower rod?

My cat is loveable and rambunctious and so he decided to go scaling the shower curtain on our freestanding tub in the house we are renting. Unfortunately this broke the joining piece on the shower rod halo, which was bizarrely plastic? We would like to replace the piece without having to buy a new halo, like this. The piece we need is the one that is sticking up from the top. The guy at Home Depot said they did not have one separately, and that we would have to buy a new halo but I was hoping the internet could help me. Any other less expensive solutions? Thanks so much!
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Not a replacement, but an alternate solution perhaps: hook drilled into ceiling + zip tie?
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You can buy the ceiling support rods at places like Vintage Tub & Bath for about $25.
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That vertical piece doesn't look like anything more complicated than a pipe fitting - a tee with a short piece of pipe (PVC, copper, etc) might fit the bill for you. If you used PVC (which would be super-cheap, in addition to being easy to cut and glue), you might even be able to paint it to match.
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try taking the broken piece to an old, established hardware store..... say, "hey, this broke, how can I fix it????"
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