How to quickly crop to trim in Acrobat?
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How can I efficiently crop pages to the trim area in Adobe Acrobat 9?

I have a large number of PDFs created by InDesign CS4; they have crop marks and a slug. I need a second set of PDFs that are cropped to the documents’ trim areas. I can open each PDF and manually draw in the crop area, but that takes a long time, so I have two questions:

One – is there a script of any kind that will open the PDFs, crop them to the trim area, and re-save them to a different directory? (Free would be great, of course, but pay may work.)

Two – barring that, I’m trying to figure out why Acrobat’s “Crop Pages” dialog seems to offer me the option of cropping a PDF to the trim, but when I select the “TrimBox” option and hit “OK,” nothing changes.

Bear in mind that I don’t care if the PDF’s are “really” cropped; that is, I realize that the information outside the trim area would still be there, but not visible. That’s fine. I just want a way to crop the PDFs to the trim so that other viewers will only see what’s inside the trim, not the crops and slug.

I’m on a Mac, OS 10.5.7; Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (9.1.1).
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I have used this plug-in in the past. There is a free trial.
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bleh. This is windows only.
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