A loverly scent!
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I want a new signature scent. What will I like if I also like CK1?

I love perfume but don't like harsh scents that I associate with something my mother or grandmother would wear.

I currently go between wearing CK1 and Amor Amor.

If you wear one of these or know what they're like - what might I also like?

Something light/fresh -- maybe slightly sweet like Amor Amor. I'm 25 so let's keep me young-person smelling, please :)
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A great, though pricey, scent is Flower Bomb. Buy a small vial on e-bay to see how it works for you.
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I wear Miss Dior Cherie and I love it. It's light and slightly floral, but not overpoweringly so.
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Issey Miyake. I have the cypress one at the bottom of the page. Always reminded me of CK1.
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Maybe happy or happy heart (both clinique)?
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I love Clinique Happy. An ex of mine wore it and it was light and wonderful. So wonderful that I on occasion spritz up with Happy for Men.
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You'll find a lot of advice on this over at Basenotes forum - and it's also worth exploring Etsy's fragrance lisitngs for something more unique but affordable. Or even going over to La Parfumeur Rebelle.
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Go Chanel or go home, IMO. Coco is my favorite.
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Seconding Miss Dior Cherie, it's one I really like.

Since you like CKone, I'd recommend for you a fairly light, clean floral. Amazing Grace by Philosophy is one of my favorites; Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie is similar. Consider also the Gendarme fragrances, particularly the original Gendarme, Gendarme V, and Carriere. (You can buy sample vials direct from Gendarme for $1 each.)

The above fragrances are all fairly similar; if you like one you'll probably like them all. A couple other scents that I love, which are still light and floral but branch out a little bit are Wellness by Clean Harmony (stupid name, wonderful citrusy floral smell that is neither too sweet or fruit-juicy) and Tokyomilk Waltz (clean, lindeny, excellent staying power. Linden reminds me of soap a bit, not sure if that appeals to you).

I'm also a fan of Insolence which is a bit heavier and more "sexy" than any of these, but still far from overpowering, and still a young fragrance. It starts out as a light floral but dries down to a warmer scent.

I'm personally not into Happy - it seems sharp and kind of loud to me. It smells very much like Perfume!! in a magazine insert/department store way. But other people love it, so don't rule it out.
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I always thought CK1 smelled like grapefruits, so maybe something citrusy from Demeter?
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I love Giorgio Armani's "Aqua di Giò".
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I have a weird personal connotation with CK1 (a roommate who used it as a showering substitute... *shudder*) but, citrusy, bright, light, etc, reminds me of one of my favorites: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.
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I really love L'eau de l'Artisan. Another one from them that might fit the bill is The pour une Ete. I know Parfum l'Artisan has a NYC store (or they did, actually. Maybe they only have outlets now looking at their website). What I like to do when searching for a new scent is to go to a small, boutique-like store where the salesperson has plenty of time for you and describe what you already like. They will give you vocabulary words and descriptions that - even if you don't like anything there- will help you find the scents you'd like other places. And take home samples and try them over a few days. Anything by Olivia Giacobetti (designer of the previously mentioned scents and many others by several makers) is going to have the same light, fresh sensibility that CK1 has.
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Say what you like about CKone, but it was a trend-setter for light, citrus/floral unisex fragrance.

nthing L'Eau d'Issey, and you might even give the Pour Homme a go; also, Acqua di Parma, which is, regardless of hype and counterhype, a classic, and really does work as a unisex.
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For something a little more mainstream, D&G's Light Blue and Clinique Happy are both very popular (for a reason). Those are the classic "go to" fragrances for a lot of people from teens through 30s, I'd say. Some newer favorites are D&G The One and the Chloe fragrance. All four are popular with my friends (we're about the same age as you). The tend to be a little bit on the sweeter side.

I personally like the beginning of a lot of Chanel fragrances, but the dry down/base smells horrifically like an old lady (to me/on me). YMMV, of course, since fragrance is such a personal thing both in terms of preferences and body chemistry.

Seconding L'Artisan fragrances. Easily my favorite for light, unisex, yet simultaneously simple & complicated fragrances. You can order samples from their website or from luckyscent.com. (If you don't have access to something you see here, you can go to lucky scent, ebay.com, or theperfumedcourt.com for smaller vials/samples. The latter is pricey, but sometimes you can't find what you need on ebay).

If you'd like something that's a little bit different, a little more complex, yet delightfully light, give the Hermes scents a try (Un Jardin Sur Le Nil and Un Jardin en Méditerranée are personal favorites).

Hope that helps. Feel free to mefi mail me :)
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Argh, I also forgot to mention Nanette Lepore. I'm also sorry I didn't provide links.
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The only perfume I wear is Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden - very light, fresh and citrusey, fading down to a gorgeous warm, clean scent after the top notes have worn off.

I hate those heavy, floraly perfumes, they make me gag, and Green Tea is the only thing I can tolerate smelling all day. I personally love it.
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Another vote for Clinique Happy. I find that it really does smell quite different on everyone, but is always a fresh, fruity scent.

If you have access to Avon products, Haiku might also appeal to you.
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I used to wear CK1, and now wear Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche. Yummy! It has a fresh, sparkly smell that may appeal to you as a CK1 lover.

Also maybe give BPAL a whirl. Tons of choices, all very unique. If you're a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and aren't sure if you'll like something, you can always order an imp ear (tester size). They actually last quite awhile!
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Maybe try the J.Lo scents? I wear Love at First Glow and I think it fits your criteria.
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Get thee to basenotes.net, specifically their CK1 entry. Reading the reviews will give you some more ideas, and you can browse around for similar things.

If you're serious, have a read of Luca Turin's blog (there's a link there to its archive PDF).
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