My company gave me too many paychecks...
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My wife was working a temp/contract job earlier this year. Her contract ended in May and she was paid her final paycheck but was still owed about 60 hours of PTO.

Two weeks later, a check came that was similar, but a little less than her usual paychecks. We just assumed it was her PTO payoff. Two weeks later, another check came in the same amount. The same day, my wife called into the company payroll and her supervisor to explain the situation. They both assured her that it had been taken care of. Two weeks later, another check came......and then another....and she called in again...and then another in early July which seemed to be the PTO amount.

Obviously it's not our money but I'm not going to pay it back until they fix their system and prove to me that our tax information is corrected.

Has anyone else had a similar situation? What was the end result?
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I would send them/their accounting branch a registerd letter (signature required and sent back to you) detailing the situation and your attempts to fix it. I had a different situation with a bank that posted my automatic payroll deposit twice. After months of trying to fix it, I finally got a snotty letter from their auditor which all but accused me of fraud. I say head them off at the pass. The last thing you need is for them to imply that it's your wife's fault this is happening.
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i once was overpaid by an employer--and i brought it to their attention immediately. they deined it ... and kept denying it for about 3 months, until they recognized their error. they did not ask to be paid back--but i'm guessing my constant complaints about the overpayment had something to do with that.
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