What will Apple replace my computer with?
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Will Apple be replacing my 2 yr old Macbook Pro with a totally new machine?

I've had my Macbook Pro for two years at college and had nothing but problems with it. It was fine for a year, and then had a string of hardware problems that resulted in me bringing it in five times to the apple store for various different reasons. The sixth time must've been the charm, because the folks at the Apple store said they would replace my computer with a new one. I won't be getting it for a week because I bought it through school, so I'm getting one configured by school. Does anyone know if Apple will be giving me a new model Macbook or if it'll be a refurbished two year old model?
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When I had to get my ibook g3 replaced because of constant logic board problems, they replaced it with a new g4 because they weren't making the g3 anymore. Not sure what will happen in your situation but if you have a ticket number, you can call the Apple folks and they should be able to tell you.
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It really can go either way. My old G4 iBook was in the shop lots, and they just kept swapping out broken bits for soon-to-break bits. But my lovely GF sent her MacBook Pro in for service and due to a two-month delay for a back-ordered part (which I think is code for "we lost it"), she got a top of the line new MacBook Pro.

Good luck!
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For basic repairs, it's the luck of the draw, but depends on availability. Apple warrantied a hard drive on an old iBook of mine, and they replaced it with a larger one.

However, it seems like when it's a special case of someone having unending problems, with escalation and frustration, they're more likely to give you a brand new one. I've seen that anecdotally in quite a few cases like yours, where there were serious lemon issues involved.
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When I got a new screen last November, it was one of the new Macbook Pros that came back.
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Just like Jessamyn, the fourth time I had to take in a G3 iBook for logic board issues, they walked into the back of the store and came out with a new G4 iBook in the box and just handed it over. Important life lesson learned that day: always buy the AppleCare...
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Since they've already said they'll replace your current one, why don't you just call and ask them?
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The day after Apple announced their latest round of MBPs, I bought a refurbed previous model from them. It had problems booting; on my second trip to the Apple Store, they opted to replace the unit. They had no more of my particular model in stock (apparently I wasn't the only one who hopped on the refurb wagon), so they gave me a brand new latest/greatest MacBook Pro.

Is your model offered as a refurb at Apple? if not, there's a good chance they have no more in stock and the only thing they can give you is the newest model.
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Best answer: You'll get a new one. You'll be able to transfer any remaining applecare warranty time you had on the old laptop over to the new one, or opt to purchase a new applecare plan (and get refunded for the prorated "balance" on the old one).

Also, in my experience most computer manufacturers have a "three strikes" lemon rule - if you've had hardware replacement on a machine under warranty three times, they'll replace the machine (you usually have to ask, though).
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Response by poster: After two weeks, I finally got a brand new mid-2009 Macbook Pro (the 2000 dollar equivalent of what I had back in 2007). Was also upgraded to Snow Leopard, and had all of my data from the old computer transferred to the new one at the store. Always, always, always buy the Applecare. I got a brand new computer for under 400 dollars.
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Why did you have to pay anything at all if it was covered under Applecare? (Curious, not argumentative.)
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Response by poster: My original computer was already two years old and had three years of Applecare on it, which would have expired in June 2009. Since this was a new machine, the warranty it came with was the standard 60 day phone service, 1 year tech support (expiring in Sept 2010). I'm not taking any chances on losing a computer when I still have two years left of college, so I bought the Applecare for the extra two years of coverage, which will carry me till Sept 2012.
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