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Where does one proactively look for software (specifically Flex) jobs these days?

So I'm on the market. I have about ten years web/software development experience overall, with the last 3 focused in Flex. I'm in Los Angeles and not keen to move.

In the past I would just put my resume up on Dice and get bombarded by recruiters. This time though, the response has been a little more sparse, and I'd like to find something sooner than later.


Are the major search sites (Monster, Careerbuilder) as useless as I remember them for tech jobs?

Is there anywhere tech-specific besides Dice I should post my resume, or search for jobs? This would include job sites or message boards or whatever.

Are there any other strategies I'm missing, or should I just browse the websites of specific employers who i think I might like?

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Best answer: Are you searching for general "Actionscript" jobs as well? The RSS feed for actionscript.org's job board seems to post about 3-5 jobs in the US per day, some of them telecommuting positions.

Good luck in your search. Wish I could offer more concrete help.
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Best answer: Yes, they are useless. Try more narrowly focused sites.
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Response by poster: cool, thanks guys!! Will check all of those out.
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Best answer: Are you on LinkedIn? Most of the recruiter emails I get these days come from there.

You might also create and subscribe to an RSS feed from SimplyHired. This is from searching "flex developer" in Los Angeles

Good luck!
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Response by poster: You might also create and subscribe to an RSS feed from SimplyHired. This is from searching "flex developer" in Los Angeles

This seems very effective! Thank you!!
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Have you posted anything on any Flex/Flash lists? (flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com, flash_tiger@yahoogroups.com)

Have you checked to see if there's a local Flex user group? A lot of times they'll have jobs lists and related resources.
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