What are these bugs?
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What are these bugs [1,2,3] that are currently climbing all over my window bird feeder?

They were not there just a moment ago when I put some bird seed in. Then boom. An infestation.

For scale the seeds are sunflower hearts and the bugs are about 3-4mm.
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They look a lot like weevils to me.
posted by le morte de bea arthur at 3:26 AM on September 10, 2009

Vine weevil would make sense since that window is right between a wall of wisteria and a fence covered in jasmine. I guess this means I am going to have to pay extra attention to my succulent collection now.
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They were probably in the birdseed to begin with: if I don't have my birdseed in an airtight container, eventually those little black weevils hatch out of it. Gross, kinda, but harmless, and more than likely a bird will eat the bugs, too.
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Hard to see from the picture, but they might be a box elder beetle.
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It is hard to tell, but they look a lot like Box Elder Beetles to me. My mom's house has been infested with these things for years near a couple windows, they can make a big mess.
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These are not Box Elder Beetles. srboisvert is in the UK; Box Elder Beetles are an American species and (as far as I know) don't occur here. The Box Elder Beetle doesn't have the kind of proboscis that these appear to have, and is considerably larger than these beetles.
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AzraelBrown - that would make sense since the weevils suddenly appeared. I couldn't figure out how they could have found the seed so fast and in such numbers if they had been in the neighbouring vines. I did include a small amount of regular seed from an old bag that i found in closet so that is where they probably came from.
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I'd just like add that these buggers destroyed a beautiful echeveria perle nuremberg (the larvae ate the stem from the inside out) and also killed off an nice big green aeonium. Next winter I am declaring war on them before I set up my succulents for overwintering.
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