Yet another movie ID question.
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Movie ID help please: 18th century England, noblewoman looking for husband, writes letters with rich American who made fortune in slave trade, she befriends a slave who works in the house, they fall in love, later there is a childbirth scene. Movie made in the early 90s, low-budget look, could be made-for-TV.

I've been looking for a movie I saw years ago, but I don't know the title or any of the actors. Had this great childbirth scene - very realistic but not at all graphic. I've done subject and keyword searches in the usual places, but can't find it.

Filmed in the 90s, low-budget look to it. Could be made-for-TV.

Set in 18th century England. There's a penniless noblewoman looking for a husband. She's put in touch with an American who's rich but has no social standing, and through letters they decide to help each other out.

He's just awful, of course. Alcoholic, brutal, complains that she's not helping him, but doesn't take her advice. Still, she does her best to help him improve his reputation. He made his fortune in the slave trade, which she finds a bit unsavory, but she doesn't give it much thought.

Until the first "shipment" arrives, that is. She's horrified by what she sees. He keeps a few for the house, and sells the rest in the typical charming fashion. She befriends one of those in the house, a young man who speaks English. The man was upper class himself, before his capture, is well-traveled, well-educated, and an all-around great guy. They hit it off and...well, later on there's this childbirth scene.

Anyone seen this? Thanks for your help.
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This sounds like A Respectable Trade.
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That's it! Thank you very much.
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