Dreamlike Animation from the Eighties
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Half remembered international animated short story from the 80's - does anyone recognise this story?

I have a faint memory of a cartoon in my head from when I was a child in the eighties, I believe it was an international animation as there was no language, it wasn't feature length and was very simple animation.

The basic outline of the story as I remember it was a man living in a house in suburbia with all the mod cons (at least that the 80's had to offer!). He was out driving in his car but when he went to fill up at the gas/petrol station there was a huge queue. He goes home and it seems that the lights aren't working and the heating is off too. Food becomes scarce and one day while driving his car runs out of fuel. He leashes an ox to the car and uses it as a cart to be pulled home on.

He soon runs out of food so has to go out hunting, he has no heating and the winter starts to come in so he chops up all his furniture to make a fire in the house. I think spring comes around and the trees have grown through his house and he ventures outside. A mammoth starts chasing him and he can't get away, he is then caught under the hoof of the mammoth and when you think he is about to be crushed he awakens in his bed! He jumps out and runs to the lights and flicks them on and off, he turns on the thermostat and runs hot water through the taps. He is so excited and relieved...

And that is what I can remember, sounds a bit like a dream but I am sure I saw this on TV and watched it over and over on video.

Anyone remember it? Any suggestions would be most welcome!
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Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question, but maybe I can help direct you somewhere else where you might get one. Provided, of course, that you haven't yet found the answer already.

First, I'd try these boards over at IMDb:

I Need to Know - This board is for questions like yours. It's not a promise, but many trivia experts hang out there.

Animation - No explanation necessary. The problem with this board is that obviously most people hanging out there will be more like Pixar, Disney, et al fan folks.

Short Films - This one and the first one are probably your best bets. I'd just cross post to each... of course along with a note that you're cross posting for a reason.

Good luck! It really sounds interesting.

It kind of reminds me of a very strange short I saw in the 70s when I was a kid. It was a shape, like a circle, who was walking this path. It came to a fork in the road and it couldn't decide which path to take, so it split itself in two and each half took one of the paths. It went through different things along their paths, but towards the end the paths met and the shape merged back into one.

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