Have 125 romance novels. What can I *BUILD* them into?
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RedGreenShowFilter: I've got a bunch of crisp paperback romance novels I've scavenged from dumpsters around town, and I'd rather turn them into something than read or try selling them. What can I build using them? I'm thinking clear box tape instead of duct, so the corny covers will still be visible. Bonus points for something handy.

There's about 125 of them, at 4.25" x 6.25 " x (varying thickness, avg .75"). I can get hundreds more at local used book shops for less than $.50 each.

No idea too crazy, as long as it's feasible with 125 books, or more within reason.

That pretty much eliminates a giant Gundam, alas.
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I'd make a kitsch collage from the covers, and get it framed.
I'm not sure about the rest of the books, maybe you could incorporate the more racy sections into the collage...
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Best answer: Stripey pillar(s) forming the base of a glass-topped table?
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a bookshelf?
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This question immediately made me think of the paperback chair I have been coveting for ages.
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A hollowed out book is always a great gift. Takes a little while, but the only equipment you need is white elmer's glue, water and an Exacto. Works better with hardcovers, but you could swing the softcover.
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This artist Thomas Allen does crazy cool stuff with old books. Maybe you can try something like that?
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Response by poster: I've seen art like Thomas Allen before. There's another gent that makes installations out of entire sets of old outdated encyclopedias, and I once bought one such set at a garage sale for $1 for that very purpose, but have slid it to the wayside for the time being. The time being was not especially happy about it, though. He's such a nag.

I like the coffee table option, and have genuinely considered making a chair, although entirely from tape and books if plausible (perhaps a few bolts). I've tried the hollowed-book thing before with limited success, and would recommend a dremel tool instead with a sawblade kind of attachment, for cutting through multiple layers more efficiently, once the pages are affixed.

A bookshelf seems rather clever, because I'm constantly in need of more shelf space.. I could probably just make a list of things I can build in the future with such books. There's always a bunch of rummage sales at churches and whatnot that have "$2 for everything you can fit into this brown paper sack" type gimmicks, and loading up with books is my primary intent for visiting them ^_^

I've already got a dozen collage ideas in-progress, but perhaps I'll tack that on for a future one.

Feel free to tack on more ideas =D
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Got a router? Got to a thrift store and buy a craptacular coffee table. Rout out a recess in the middle, a hair deeper than 1/4". Have a piece of 1/4" glass or plexi cut to fit. Collage the covers in the recess. Plunk in the glass/plexi.

On the cheaper/cheesier side you could also make cell phone cases out of them. I'd cover the covers with clear packing tape, glue felt lining on the inside and then glue/tape into shape.
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Best answer: Bookshelf (or just plain old shelf) made out of books.

Table made out of stacked books. Saw gorgeous versions of these at the Pinakothek der Moderne gift shop in Munich, not sure if they have photos online.
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The ultimate romance novel by splicing the pages together of the tawdriest scenes?
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Best answer: I saw a wastebasket made of old romance novels once and it was quite awesome and also looked easy as hell to make. I can't find it anywhere online although I think that's where I saw it. Basically, though, you're just gluing books together in the rough form of a small wastebasket.
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Book purses!
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Best answer: Another vote for bookshelves (and yes, hardbacks are easier to use)...check out This Into That for ideas.
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One of the images off the Thomas Allen link led to this, which has some pretty cool ideas
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Response by poster: All pretty good ideas! I'm thinking of some kind of compartment, along the lines of those highlighted above. Thanks all, and thanks particularly for some great links ^_^
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