Programs similar to Couch to 5k?
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Are there other graduated exercise programs like the Couch to 5K? I hate running, but I like the specificity, and the feeling of "leveling up" it gives me.

I'm a mid-twenties female with a desk job. I'd like to be more active and to lose weight, but I find most forms of physical activity incredibly boring. HOWEVER, I did try the couch-to-5k program a few years ago and had some success with it, even though I hate running. I liked that it gave me boxes to check off and goals for each day. Are there other similar programs out there?
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One hundred push ups.
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The Fitness Ladder.
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Since you use the phrase 'leveling up,' I have a feeling you might like the Yourself Fitness (Xbox/PS2/PC) or Wii Fit video games.

More broadly, though, in the literature of athletic training, there are tons of these kinds of plans. Bicycling magazine publishes couch-to-century plans nearly every month, Crossfit sites have daily workouts, Body for Life and Starting Strength offer long-term weight-training plans, even the Shovelglove dude has a schedule set up. If there's a form of exercise you like, you can find a plan/schedule geared to that exercise.
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I just bought a Wii and the Wii Fit. It has 'leveling up' aspects to it and also a calendar that you mark off for each day you do the Body Test. It tracks stuff like your weight, your BMI and how many minutes you've used it, what activities you've done and how well you've done them. So far, I'm a fan. But, then again, I've had it only two days. According to the Wii Balance Board, I lost .2 pounds between yesterday and today. I suspect that my 'post-workout' glass of water might have erased that loss. lol.
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Simplefit uses levels to separate routines according to difficulty. The idea is to move through the levels according to how much time it takes you to complete the exercises.
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20 Chin-ups Challenge.
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stronglifts is a great, basic weight training program suitable for male or female, young or old. It will really help get you in nice, balanced shape, and the web site has tonnes of resources.

Don't be scared or put off by weight training, it won't make you look "butch", or overly muscular, etc. It will increase your bone density, posture and tone.
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200 Sit Ups
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If you're at all interested in a Wii program, I've found EA Sports Active to be significantly more of a workout than WiiFit and it has the added benefit of putting you through a daily workout rather than having to assemble your own. (I have tried and failed the 30 Day Challenge three times but I'm about to start again.)
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Seconding EA Sports Active. It's far and away better than Wii Fit, and is a real strenuous workout. It does the leveling-up thing in a way that is transparent to you - trophies, gradually ramped-up exercises.

I'll go on a limb and say it's worth buying a Wii for if you don't have one already, especially when you compare the cost to, say, a year's gym membership.
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Stronglifts 5x5 Beginner Strength Training Program, or Starting Strength. These will require more commitment than the other programs mentioned here, but the benefits will be far greater.
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There's the Zero to One Mile in six weeks swimming program. I did it last year and it was surprisingly easy.
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