Barbershop for a shave in Calgary, AB?
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Can you recommend a barber in Calgary, AB for a nice, relaxing pre-wedding shave?

Hey Gang,

I want to take my buddy for that classic barbershop hot-towel-soap-brush-oh-so-gentlemanly shave before his wedding next weekend, but have no idea where to go. He'll want a clean shave, and I'd be pleased if I could have my beard neatly trimmed.

Do you know of a nice place in Calgary for us to go? Bonus points for places with a cool, fun and/or classic atmosphere. Thanks in advance!
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Check out the barbershop in Inglewood. It's run by an old guy who is like 80 years old and I'm pretty sure he does the old fashioned shave for like $15. Bonus atmosphere points - the walls are adorned with old barbershop stuff and there is only one chair that is like 50 years old. Also, it is connected to a gun shop.
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Or you could try this one in Marda Loop. It used to be called Assman's Barber. It's run by an old Ukrainian guy now. Not sure if he does the shave.
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Is VIP in Kensington still open? That's a fun place, down the street (west) from Pulcinella.

My partner has got a shave from Sid's, which is an Ethopian-owned place with 99% Ethiopian clientele but he does know how to handle a razor with skill- it's in the Beltline on 12th Ave SW just east of 14 St, in the condos that are across the street (to the east) of the now-empty Super Drug Mart.

Not sure where you are in the city but a couple others come to mind- one is Razor's Edge down south, around Avenida place I think; another is the very cool new-to-me barber shop at North Hill Centre. It's run by Lebanese guys and they do tend to be very good with the straight razor from my experience.

Also I just yesterday found out that an "upscale men's barber shop" is opening in the Investor's Plus bldg next door to Kawa Espresso Bar, which is my second home.
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