Where can I find blue shoe polish
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I'm looking for blue shoe polish. Kiwi apparently makes it, but after checking local shoe stores, discount department stores, and drug stores, I can't find it. Any suggestions for where else I can look (either general store genres or specific places if you're familiar with the Detroit area), or, if that fails, a place to find it online without exorbitant shipping costs?
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Shoe repair shops?


These guys have a $10 order minimum, but their shipping charges seem reasonable. They don't have the Kiwi blue, but they do have a zillion shades of Meltonian (which is actually a better product).
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Maybe this would work for you: Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish.

It's on the same page as Kiwi brands. (This is just a link I found when I did a search, so YMMV.)
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a goth shop with a good selection of boots should have shoe polish in a wide array of colors. i'm not familiar with the detroit area, but i'm sure there are boot stores catering to the angsty crowd around there.
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At one time, Marshall Field's in downtown Minneapolis had a big rack of colored shoe polishes in their basement shoe repair area. Possibly one of the Detroit area locations might be worth checking out?
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Response by poster: Ah, forgot to mention I'm looking for the kind in a tin, so the one under the "Walgreens" link isn't quite the right thing (which Walgreens doesn't have). I'll check out the other suggestions, though. :)
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Town Cobbler, Brierwood Mall, Ann Arbor.
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