Wifi buses from NYC to Atlantic City?
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Does anyone know of any wifi-enabled buses from NYC to Atlantic City?

I know about ACES, but it is only for weekends and it is relatively expensive. I'm looking for something more like the Bolt bus.
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Many Greyhound buses now have wifi. I don't know about that specific route.
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The last time I took the regular old Greyhound to AC the bus had wifi. But I think it's YMMV, since only the newer buses have it.
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The Greyhound site doesn't list the AC route as having the new buses, but there was a post at Jaunted that says they got one of the newer ones for an AC trip. So far it's not looking like a very reliable option, but maybe it's all there is for now.
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I frequently take the Megabus between Chicago and Detroit. It's cheap, clean, and not full of crazies. And most/all of their buses have free wifi. Their route planner says they go from New York to Atlantic City.
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Just came in here to suggest Megabus. Note that their AC tickets are only sold as roundtrips, and they will drop off and pick up at about 6 spots. Check their website for more info on that.
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Went to check out the Megabus, but apparently the AC route is subcontracted (or something) thru Academy buses, with no power or wifi.
I'd probably settle for just having a reliable power outlet at this point.
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