Awesome Austin Therapist?
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Austin Therapist Recommendations: A friend is looking for a therapist to work through some issues. He wants someone who is active in conversation and is willing to confront him on things when necessary. He's had therapists in the past who were nice but too passive, and just listened more than they offered ideas and suggestions. The ideal therapist would listen without judging but would help stimulate new ideas and change in his life. Do you know of anyone like this?
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This guy I liked alot. I saw him for a while and he was helpful and always made sure I was happy with how things were going. (every single session always made sure, he actually gives a damn) If I hadn't moved, I'd still go to him.
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I have been seeing someone from Violet Crown Counseling and I think she would fit what he is looking for. Very active in conversation and will suggest new ideas and call you out on your crap too.
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