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How creatively (not so touristy) to spend the best part of a "day" in Toronto this Sat?

Likes: Museums, galleries, new hoods, new designers, music & food.
Specifically day activities, I have an event that night. Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Gibraltar Point Lighthouse and Allan Gardens are both fun and free; as far as neighborhoods go, Kensington Market is a lively spot, and as far as musems go, I reckon you'd like the Art Gallery of Ontario? The Toronto Free Gallery is also great, and might meet your new designers *and* galleries interests. Good luck!
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Best answer: start at kensington market, then head to queen street between bathurst and dufferin, where you'll find lots of interesting small art galleries. There's also lots of bars, restaurants and shops to stop at too. and have a poutine at poutini's, because it's really good.
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Go to the beach on Ward Island, it's awesome, free, there's a really nice spot to have lunch. I was there last month and never knew it existed. And the water was nice to swim in!

More info here:
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Best answer: The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) has just had an enormous redesign/rebuild.
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Best answer: Try the Distillery District; I think it contains at least one of each of your "likes," and as far as I recall all the galleries are free.
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Check out the Saturday events listed here and see if anything interests you. This is the last weekend to hit up the CNE if the kind of food you like is deep fried and on-a-stick.

And since it's going to be nice and sunny this weekend, why not check out as many places as possible on Toronto's Best Ice Cream map? Yummmm.
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