Suggestions for a house rental for Mexico?
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House rental for a group in Mexico? Babyfriendly a must.

~5 couples and 3 babies (around a year) want to go to the beach for a week(ish). Most are on the east coast (NYC/Vermont), so somewhere JetBlue flies would be nice. We've thought that renting a house would be easiest, so we could cook.

Cheap is good, of course.

Any suggestions? TIA!
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We had pretty good luck finding condos and whatnot for rent in MX using VRBO.
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As someone who lives in Mexico and has rented houses on the beach, I would humbly suggest that you pick your destination first. Mexico has thousands of miles of beaches on both coasts and the possibilities and variations are endless.

I've just checked the JetBlue website and the only Mexican destination is Cancun, so you could limit your search to the Yucatan coast.

If the destination angle won't do, perhaps you could provide a bit more detail on when you plan on coming, to take the weather into account, the sort of activities you like, and what your budget is.

VRBO is fantastic, as jquinby says.
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VRBO and Holiday Rentals. Holiday rentals has a better filtering function and do not be thrown by the fact it is located in UK. Either will more than meet your needs--On Holiday Rentals you can filter by requirements as well as destination. Once you have selected a country or region click "show all" and then begin filtering
Good Luck
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