Industrial-grade paper cutters?
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I've been doing lots of paper-crafty things in the last month - mainly bulk cutting and folding. Because of this, I've become interested in those super paper cutters I've seen at printshops over the years - the industrial kind that will chop right through a whole stack of paper. I've yet to hit on the proper word combination to find this variety of cutter with google [I'm currently using one of those long 'guillotine' arm cutters]. I'm also curious if there is some sort of contraption that similarly lazy-fies folding.
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Stack cutter (or ream cutter).
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Response by poster: In all the search results I've been finding, those art-room-dwelling long-armed paper cutters are referred to as guillotine cutters. Is that wrong? These are the ones attached at one end of the cutting board with a screw, so the cut is a sort of angular action. The ones i'm looking for are mostly just a straight downward chop.
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try this: machinerunner
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Response by poster: Non-mefite Chris just emailed me to say that they're called 'stack cutters.' Further research reveals they cost a bajillion dollars.
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Response by poster: Oh and two other people posted the answer without me noticing it, too. Thanks everyone!
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When I used to work at Kinko's, there was a machine that would fold paper for you. I don't know what it was called (other than the folder) and it was definitely industrial -- but they do exist.
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I have a paper folding machine at work, and I think it is called 'Paper Folding Machine' or some such technical term.
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Response by poster: Friction paper folder.

In case this thread is useful to anyone else, ebay seems to be the place to go for these. Thanks everyone for your help.
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Now that we've got an answer, don't forget the origami robot.
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oh, sorry. i just realised "guillotine" was in the original post. duh.
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Aww, I wish you'd posted this question a month ago. I threw out two of those bad boys when our office closed.
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Response by poster: Doh!
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Go to used offlice supply stores, the kind that sell old desks and chairs and stuff. I've seen them there (and HUGE ones to boot) for decent prices. Talk the price down though if you can, who else is going to buy them if not you?
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The only stack cutter I've seen is in a local big printshop.

It. Scares. Me.

Sucker is at least six feet wide and has an automatic table. You punch in the dimensions and shove the stack of paper, up to about four inches (six, even?) thick. Then you spread your arms wide and press two buttons simultaneously. This is the safety.

A mirror-polished blade slides to the measurement and descends smoothly. It effortlessly passes through the paper with the barest whisper. It's as if the paper weren't even there.

It is an absolutely menacing, nightmare-inducing sight. I don't know if you'd feel any pain as it passed through a limb, and I'm quite sure it wouldn't even show the slightest strain in doing so. Silent, smooth, deadly.

Makes wicked nice cut edges, though!
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