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amphetamine salt combo. generic for Adderall. 20mg I've been taking these on occasion. But now find myself on a job in Mexico, and have run out. Cannot get a new prescription from the States. Is there a way to get some here, in a farmacia? What should I ask for? Is there any danger? Any substitute?
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While i am here, why not get some version of Ciialis or Levitra? Save alot of money.
Are there substitutes available here?
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Most pharmacies in Mexico will have whatever you want, cheaper, and without the need for a prescription. Just take in your old bottle or packet and show it to the pharmacist.
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Do you speak Spanish? You can call Farmacia Benavides' information center and ask.

Adderall is (supposedly) a controlled medication, so you might need a prescription from a local doctor.
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I tried to obtain adderall at several pharmacies in Mexico seven or eight years ago. At the time, my Spanish was decent, but I had no luck. Everyone told me I needed a prescription. I'm under the impression that while the regulations may be less strictly enforced in Mexico, the law is essentially similar to that in the US. For well known drugs of abuse (like amphetamines), I imagine folks are less likely to bend the rules.
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i had the exact same experience as solipsophistocracy, except it was only five years ago.

you need a prescription. i was told that there were certain doctors who would just take you on your word that you needed whatever prescription you asked for, provided you paid their consultation fee. i never tried that route however, so it might just be hearsay.
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Besides adderall, amphetamine-containing drugs include lisdexamfetamine (vyvanse), dextroamphetamine (Dexadrine), and benzedrine (which is no longer used in the US). All three require prescription. Propylhexedrine (Benzedrex) inhalers are probably not controlled in Mexico, but I have no idea as to their availability. As far as OTC simulants go, ephedrine works in a pinch, but does not do as much for concentration as the amphetamine-based stimulants.
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As far as I can see, Adderall (or equivalent) isn't actually sold legitimately in Mexico, with Ritalin appearing to be the drug of choice for treating ADHD. Looking in the PLM (a well regarded Mexican pharmaceutical directory), nothing with its active ingredients (dextroanfetamina/anfetamina) is listed, nor is it listed under drugs to treat ADHD. This is most likely for the same reason that pseudoephedrine has been illegal in Mexico since 2007 (i.e. too easy for the cartels/abusers to get their hands on). I can find a few references online that suggest that, indeed, Adderall is not available in Mexico, though perhaps it was 5 years ago. So, if it's not available, then finding a doctor willing to write you a prescription isn't even going to help. You might be able to get a doctor to help you out with Ritalin prescription, but that's a whole different kettle of fish.

On the upside, I don't believe it'd be a problem to get (legitimate!) Cialis or Levitra from any respectable pharmacy. You could also ask at one of the farmacias genericas/similares to see whether you could get a cheaper generic version (I have no idea whether such things exist).
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Several Mexican pharmacists told me (maybe 6 years ago?) that Adderall is not sold in Mexico. Regardless of the drug, you are required to have a prescription from a Mexican doctor. Enforcement of this law varies widely. Some pharmacies have in house doctors who will write you a prescription then send you across the store to the pharmacist.

A few years ago an American was arrested and jailed for 2 months for buying tranquilizers with out a prescription.

All things being equal, I would recommend not buying a controlled substance in Mexico. But the boner pills should be no problem.
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