What kind of backpack is this?
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What kind of backpack is this, and where can I find it?

I've seen people around with backpacks that are kind of a mix between a one-strap backpack and a messenger bag, similar to this. What is this style called and where can I find it?
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I just got a bag from this line that seems very functional and high quality. It seems like a cross between a backpack, messenger bag, and purse. I don't know what the style is called.
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One-strap backpacks are sometimes called "slings." eBags and Amazon have a few.
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or Laptop Sling Pack.
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Whenever I'm looking for something modern-male-chic, I usually check Blokesbags. Not sure if they have exactly that mix you're looking for, but it might be worth a glance.
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Maybe try MEC?
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Not sure where you are, but my local (Fairfax, VA) REI had a pile of these in the clearance rack just in front of the door.
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Response by poster: Thanks all.

transporter - Thanks, yeah, it's a sling.

Phyltre - Yeah, exactly, modern-chic is what I'm going for. Unfortunately, I'm not in the UK, but that site has given me a general direction. Thanks!
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I think these are sometimes also called DJ bags, since their shape allows for carrying records.
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