Website suggestions for starving artist
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What is the best, affordable D.I.Y. start up website programs or services for an artist?

I am mostly looking for a program to display pictures/ paintings and brief write up of artist and artwork. Also a way to seel the artwork from the sight or link a way to do this.
I'd like something with multiple application options so I can pick & choose the design layout. I've looked into Foliolink and Vista Print to start up, but was also looking for any other suggestions or experiances (pros/cons) you might have. I would also like to keep it relatively cheap, but will spend if I think it's worth it. Thanks for any experience you can bring to the table.
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I would use Wordpress with an art portfolio theme ( you can find plenty of them for free)
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There were helpful answers in this previous ask.
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Seconding Wordpress.
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Anything oriented towards photographers is probably also applicable to you. Take a look at Portfoliositez ... great layouts and outstanding customer service. The monthly fees are very reasonable. If you want a blog-style site with galleries, they offer two templates that integrate with Wordpress (I have the Andy).
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Would Flickr, tumblr or any other web service in desperate need of vowels work?
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Adding my input really late here, but potentially still useful.

I'm devoted to CarbonMade.

Free for 35 images in 5 or fewer categories w/captions and bio page. Pay a bit for more images and video capabilities.
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