Cheap hotels in Venice and Milan
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CheapItalyHotelFilter: I'm going there in a few weeks, and need recommendations for 50 euros or less. Any ideas? +

3 nights in Venice, 4 in Florence, and 2 in Milan. I think i may have found for Florence, but need tips for Venice and Milan (Milan is Sat and Sun. nights).
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Late Rooms
posted by nylon at 3:07 PM on December 18, 2004

Response by poster: thanks nylon!
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No Rome? *pouts*

Venice is expensive, mildly put. The ones in Venice (and not in Mestre, which is on the mainland) that I usually frequent are:

Casa Gerotto was recently rennovated, but I haven't been back recently so I can't comment on said rennovations. It's more of a backpacker pensione than hotel, though, and they aren't listing their prices on the website. I see that they've opened up a new place, Locanda Ca' San Marcuola which I would imagine would maintain the same standards of spotlessness as Casa Gerotto.

Hotel Marte Biasin is typically slightly pricier IIRC. The little old woman who runs it is a darling and works her bloody ass off. Their webpage seems to be down currently.

Milan: I bow to the superior knowledge of sig.matteo.
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I'm going to be in Rome in February -- any tips for Rome in terms of cheap lodging? Hostels or pensions, etc.
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I've found pretty good for finding hotels in Italy. They list this hotel in Venice and this one in Milan for sub 50 Euros, though I can't personally vouch for either one.
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ori - email me at the addy in my profile. I work in that sector of tourism in Rome and don't really feel comfortable pimping my workplace or commenting on/recommending potential competition on askMe.

Let me know your typical travel style (ie - need a private bathroom, fe/male only dorm, location is important, need breakfast included in the price, don't care as long as it's cheap & clean etc.) There's a large array of budget accommodations in Rome and it's easier for me to honestly recommend something knowing what you look for in lodgings.
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(to a New Yorker, Venice won't feel expensive at all)
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(Yes it will. Remember the administration is letting the euros soar.) has several places for around $80 a night.
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(good point)
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Response by poster: thanks all. I booked misteraitch's Venice tip----thanks! (50e/night--single w/o bathroom, and it has good user reviews/ratings)

The dollar's incredibly weak--1.35 to the Euro as of today, and by Jan, it'll be even weaker i think, so i'm trying to be careful.

I've never had to stay at a hotel here at home, muckster : >

roma, wanna come up for the day to Florence? we'll have a meetup/day out (I'm going to be meeting matteo in Milan too) me

any other italian mefites around?
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email me with your dates amber - I have a few work trips in January coming up but I might even trek it up to Milano if possible.
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er, duh. I'll email you. Sorry, still recovering from last night's meetup and my reading comprehension is suffering for it.
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Response by poster: cool!
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amberglow: yeah I'm around, not round , but Italian.

No Rome ? Noooooooo way...ditch Milan there is absolutely NOTHING in Milan , unless you really are into fashion and must absolutely visit Via Montenapoleone.

Again ditch Milan go Venice-Florence-Rome classical tour , 2 days venice, 3 florence, 3 rome would be perfect. I'd recommend not to visit Rome only if you really can't stand ruins and archeology and vatican museum and roman museum..otherwise Rome is a MUST , more then Florence.

As for the Hotel I may help for Rome, got pals working at a very central hotel, but not far from the station so the price shouldn't be devastating. Email me for more info et al
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Ops doveva essere in preview, Ciao Romakimmy dove lavori ? :D
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Another ex-Romanaccia vote for ditching Milan. Get to the Eternal City! Romakimmy will hook you up with lodging.
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I did very very well in Venice with, and have also had luck with
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.ditch Milan there is absolutely NOTHING in Milan , unless

Another ex-Romanaccia vote for ditching Milan

you guys are dicks. amberglow knows where the good stuff is. amber, you have mail
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i guess there's more mefites in italy than i'd thought. (i'm one of them, but hail from california.)

so, anyone know when the dollar:euro ratio's going to get fixed? 2008?
posted by cactus at 9:27 AM on December 19, 2004

Calmati matteo. Ne sappiamo gia che le guide turistiche sbagliano: l'anima vera di una citta e' custodito dalle sue cittidini ;)

Besides, you can take amber to the stadio to perv on Alessandro Nesta. rowr.

/the eternal pissing match between Il nord e Il sud
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Response by poster: cactus, where are you?

and roma, tell me more about this Alessandro ; >
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i'm in the north, somewhere between verona and venezia.

i took a giant pay cut to work here and have been here about two years, but now it's getting more and more expensive to live. if it wasn't for all the travel opportunities maybe i'd think more seriously about moving back.

i'm in silicon valley right now visiting with the family, but i'll be in venezia for new years eve. anyone know of any good parties going on?
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Response by poster: i'll be in Venice new year's day, til the 4th--email me if you want to meet up, if you'll still be around.
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sounds like a plan, mail sent. :)

anyone else coming?
posted by cactus at 12:39 PM on December 19, 2004

ma kimmy, nesta è un milanista...

amberglow, Nesta is a Berlusconi man. need I say more?
anyway, here he is, amberg
posted by matteo at 2:03 PM on December 19, 2004

Response by poster: rowr is right, but i'm not liking the Berlusconi connection. Oh well.

I'm all excited--grazie a tutti!

elpapa, i had to make hard choices, so decided to stay more northern. I did Italy when i was in high school, in '81, and we spent the most time in Rome, so i figured i'd skip it this time. It really deserves its own trip anyway. : >

and Venere is now my favorite hotel site--excellent.
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oh matteo ma non potevo sapere che volevi Nestare con amber ! A saperlo omettevo di ricordare che non c'e' niente tranne Nestaggi a milano :) ! Niente di male in ciò ovviamente

amber: glad that you visited rome :) I defend my city because it really rules, as you saw

romakimmy: oddio se l'anima della città è nelle mani dei cittadini allora ho incontrato solo quelli stronzi :) Sono sicuro che ce ne sono di ottimi, solo DOVE :D !?
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Response by poster: i'll do Rome again next year, elpapa--ok? : >

(now translate!!! inglese, per favore!)
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Response by poster: babelfish didn't cut it: oh matteo but I could not know that you wanted Nestare with amber! To know I omitted it to remember that not c'e' nothing except Nestaggi to Milan:) ! Nothing badly in that obviously romakimmy: oddio if l'anima of the city it is in the hands of the citizens then I have met only those strontiums:) They are sure that ce they are some of optimal, single WHERE


there's nothing to do but nest (have sex?) in Milan???
posted by amberglow at 6:14 PM on December 19, 2004

possibly so, yes. if you get lucky
posted by matteo at 6:47 PM on December 19, 2004

amber oh sex in milan is HAWT I tell you, HAWT ! Pretty much like anywhere else but, being Milan a cold cold city hawtness is treasured and appreciated and proactively seeked by a rather happy promiscuous population ! Again, it must be all the cold weather.

Gotta love babelfish strontiums ! :D Semiconducccctorrrs !
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Response by poster: : >
posted by amberglow at 7:01 PM on December 19, 2004

Hmph. No Lake District? (Lago Maggiore and Lago di Como are lovely.) No Riviera? (Cinque Terre? Santa Margherita?)

Ah well, there are always other trips. (San Marino and the surrounding area was great as well.)
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ma kimmy, nesta è un milanista...

eh, lo so e prima era un laziale. Certamente ce lo con Milan essendo Juventina, but perving knows no bounds. Besides Cannavaro is at Juve this year, not Inter (un fatto per cui ringrazio Dio mille volte ogni Domenica alle fine delle partite quando si scambiano le magliete. *drools*)

Sono sicuro che ce ne sono di ottimi, solo DOVE
Viaggiando in continuazione come nostro caro matteo ovviamente ;)
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