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Help me find the coolest kitchen faucet

My style is contemporary. Having an integrated pull down spray is a must. On my wish list I would like to go with a matte black finish, but since there is no other metal in the kitchen, I could live with stainless or even chrome (if faucet design is cool enough) and if I did go with chrome or stainless, black trim would be great but not a must-have. I will only go with something to which I can find a reasonably well matched cold water dispenser (for filtered water)--almost all of those (filtered water dispensers) which I have seen so far are goose necked in shape. I have already looked at Kohler and Grohe. Want to stay higher-end than Delta or Moen. Any suggestions?
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I realize you don't consider Delta nice enough, but I've been seeing ads for their touch control kitchen faucets in National Geographic these days. I can't imagine it gets much cooler than that?
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Check out Danze. I've got both a Danze D457158 Parma Single-Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet & a Kohler K-10430 Forté® single-control remote valve kitchen sink faucet with sidespray and lever handle on my kitchen sink. They look & work great together.
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Forgot to mention - the Danze D401015 Melrose Single-Handle Single Temperature Faucet allows you to dispense hot or cold water, one temperature at a time. You could hook up instant hot & filtered cold to it. I wish it had been available when I was building my house, I'd probably have gone with it instead of the Kohler unit I got.
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Gooseneck faucets aren't really contemporary, are they? Aren't they usually used in retro/vintage kitchens? I have this one in brushed nickel next to a gooseneck water-filter dispenser, and since the filter dispenser is so much smaller, the different shapes look fine together. I know you said you don't want Delta, but this is a great faucet, and I love the soap dispenser (and you don't need to use the base plate it's shown with).
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You may want to check out Trendir for some options. Here is a link to the kitchen faucet archive. There are even some with built-in lights!
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Our KWC faucet is one-lever control, integrated spray head with a water filter push dispenser integrated. Don't see that model in the current line, but lots to see.
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My friend's parents live in a fancy new mansion and their kitchen faucet has a really cool "touchless" feature. On a regular basis you just turn it on and off like a regular faucet. But when you push a switch it activates some kind of sensor that turns the water on and off when you put your hands there. It's very handy (ha ha) for when you're preparing raw meat, etc. and don't want to spread bacteria via the faucet handle.
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The Hamat Ergo is a wonderful faucet. I bought one and used it briefly, but my wife made me sell it on eBay because she'd gotten attached to another model. I miss it. *sniff*
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Oh, and I found it for a fraction of the absurd MSRP.
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Does anyone have any experience with Brizo? I believe it is a higher end line owned by Moen...........How about Graff Oscar?
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