Who in San Francisco will pick up my wheelchair donation?
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Will anyone in San Francisco pick up medical equipment donations? I have a wheelchair, bedside commode, walker, and some other significant hardware that I'd like to donate, but I don't have a car. Does anyone know any org that will pick up?
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Goodwill might. Goodwill.
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Just put them in the free section of Craigslist. We gave away several like items a few months ago... they were gone within hours of posting them.
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Salvation Army will send a truck out for free. satruck.com
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The Muscular Dystrophy Association keeps a sort of "loaner bank" that has been a godsend to a lot of people- not just people with Muscular Dystrophy.
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San Francisco offices- worth a call.
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Any Veterans organization should take them.
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The Cardinal Free Clinics is the umbrella org for Stanford's two free clinics. I used to help run both clinics, and they're always looking for donations. I bet if you email them they could find use for them and a student who'd be willing to pick the stuff up.
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The Vietnam Veterans Association will pickup donations from your house. It's super easy, you can schedule it online. In fact they're coming by here Monday!
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Thanks, all. I'll start with the Vietnam vets and then try Stanford next. I'll let you know how it goes.

(I wanted to donate them to some organization in need rather than just give them to the first person who wants them. Also, I may be able to write off the donations (though doubtful b/c my wife gives too much to charity.))
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Just so you know (and it surprises me, wondering if this is the case in other states as well) Goodwill in California wouldn't accept my used crutches, from when I broke my leg. Said they couldn't take wheelchairs, strollers, walkers or crutches (and maybe other things) because if they were broken or defective in any way Goodwill could be sued.
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Long and short of it, I called all of these organizations and no one wanted anything except the walker, and they wouldn't pick it up. The VVA did not operate in my area.

And absolutely no one wanted a used bedside commode, even if it had only been used once or twice. (Those things are super expensive!)

Anyway, I hated to do it, but I ended up posting all of the stuff on Craigslist and giving it away to a very nice guy whose cousin also had a major bicycle accident and was just coming out of a medically induced coma.

So, unfortunately, my best advice is Craiglist, even though medical devices are prohibited.
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