Outputting analog audio sources to a SPDIF connection
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Outputting analog audio sources to a SPDIF connection (Part 1 of 2) [MI]

I have my PC linked to a 5.1 receiver through a SPDIF connection. This is perfect for general use, listening to mp3s, games etc. The problem is that I also have analog inputs (guitar and mic; the subject of part 2 of this question) connected to the line-in and mic ports, and SPDIF output simply ignores these sources in what it outputs. They are audible when listening through an analog connection such as a line-out cable or headphones but not through the SPDIF. I imagine this is because the soundcard does not translate the analog audio sources to digital before outputting them again but simply pipes them through. I'm guessing the hardware is simply incapable of this (Analog Devices (SoundMAX) AD1985 Integrated) but does anyone know of a tool that can encode the analog inputs to a digital form before outputting them?

PS. For reasons I won't go into - I really don't want to buy another soundcard, internal or external.
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Response by poster: I just through, might some sort of GraphEdit wizardry be of help?
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Response by poster: Yes. GraphEdit is the answer. Sorry to have wasted anyone's time. Feel free to delete.
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