Please help me find this watch!
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I can't find this watch anywhere! So frustrating. I've search eBay and Craigslist nationwide. Any ideas?
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if it's any consolation the non-clear versions retail(ed) for $530, hopefully out of your pricerange, no?
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That link says it's available from the Bape store. Their online store has a different model that is sold out. Have you tried calling a store?
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^ ach, I see they retailed for $160. Nevermind.
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Yeah the clear acrylic ones are $160, even so I could afford the $530 ;)

I have tried calling the store in New York and LA multiple times. I can never get through. LA's store is always a busy signal ALWAYS, and New York.... I can't remember. I think their line kept hanging up after the "Thank you for calling Bape" message or something like that.
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I don't think calling the store will help, unfortunately–they almost certainly won't have any. The Bapex Clear was apparently (from brief digging) part of their spring/summer collection; they're now selling their fall/winter collection. At least this is what I surmise from their web site, on which the featured marque now is the "Ursus" label.

I believe the chance to buy these new ended a good month or two ago; but that doesn't mean there aren't some still around. It just means they'll be harder to find. I'll keep looking.
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...but I should say: it's always worth it to get in touch with the store. Maybe they have stock left over from the summer season.
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Here's a Bape buying guide. At the last link mentioned - Spe's Shopper's Village Japan (because I started looking through the tabs reverse-like after opening them), your watch seems to be available at Yahoo auctions Japan. But read that guide and understand any risks involved. It may be available via some of the other links on the guide too. Good luck.
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You should contact the author of the article, Eugene Kan...on linkedin.
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