Email-2-IM ?
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Hello.. I need to receive notifications about new Email's on my IM app.

(using gmail, IM: MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GT, ICQ... all)
Is there an email-2-IM gateway as part of a free service?
Maybe other Solution that can help me receive 'Live' notifications?

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Digsby does this - gmail (and other ) notifications are integrated.
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Well most, if not all IM solutions provide email notification services. Gtalk does it specifically for gmail.

If you need your gmail to come across all IM platforms...You could forward your gmail to your Yahoo account to see it on yahoo messenger, forward to your hotmail to see it on msn messenger etc.
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Er...did you mean that you want to get an IM whenever you have new mail? Or that you want all-in-one application that does e-mail pop-ups/IM/etc? Digsby is the latter, not the former.
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Thanks for the fast response..
I need to receive IM whenever I have a new Incoming Email. (on Gmail)
I can get that notification-IM on all of the IM services. (MSN, Yahoo, GT...all)
(I'm using 'all-in-one' IM-app)

What is the best option for me?

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meaning, IM notification on only one IM account will be sufficient.
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If you do decided to go with Digsby - read this first.

There has been a lot of back and forth lately about what Digsby is doing.
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If you use Pidgin, which supports just about every IM network, you can set up your accounts to do New Mail Notifications.
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Trillian Astra, which I use, has something similar. On top of your contact list, there are "inbox" icons for each account's associated email (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, even my Facebook Inbox). You can also add custom inboxes using the (included in the box) POP3 plugin.

When you get a new mail, you get a popup alert that fades away after 5 seconds, just like when a contact signs on/off. And the inbox icons turn orange, and their unread-message counter increases by one.

Trillian is also quite configurable, so I suspect you could make it play a sound/pop up something more permanent whenever you get a mail.

(As an aside, Trillian Astra is a wonderful program in many other ways too, and I highly recommend it.)
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If you don't find an IM service you like, how about Growl notifications? You'd get an unobtrusive (or obtrusive, if you prefer) pop-up window on your screen any time an email appeared.
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