I need an image of a pilcrow/paragraph mark for a tattoo.
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Can you show me your favorite image of a pilcrow/paragraph mark, suitable for a tattoo?

So I'm (finally) ready to get my next tattoo, and I've decided that I want a pilcrow, or paragraph mark. I'd like to see as many different variations as possible before I choose which one I'd like.

I've googled, of course, but seem to get only the same few repeating images. I'm thinking there might be some pilcrows hiding in fonts out there or some other place I've not thought to look. Any suggestions?

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You could check out a font-selling site. Some of them, like MyFonts allow you to enter a sample text and shows you output from various fonts. Try their best sellers page, and enter ΒΆ as sample text. There are more of those 'lots of fonts on one page'-pages linked from their main find fonts page
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Here are a few from Swiss Miss.
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Thanks, bjrn, that's perfect.
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