Student discount directory for the Arlington, TX area?
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I'm starting my first day as a college frosh tomorrow. I want to take full advantage of everything the college experience has to offer-- like student discounts! But repeated Googling has failed me; I can't seem to find a directory of local business or events that offer student discounts! I live in Arlington, TX. Can the hive-mind point me towards any comprehensive directories for student discounts in the area?
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If college is anything like it was when I went 20 years ago - you don't need to worry about finding the discounts, they'll find you. Watch the student newspaper, bulletin boards, etc.
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Usually, local business just give discounts to students anyway. All you have to do is ask. I'd go with COD's answer. Plus, If anything, your college probably has something like a Student Union, cultural center, or something. That'd be the first place to go to see which unis offer a discount.

Lastly, if your uni has a cash card system, outside shops may offer discounts to people who pay with the card.
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My school actually had people handing out coupon booklets in the union. You might wander around yours and check near the registers, etc.
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Dude, you will not be able to avoid the damn things in about 20 hours. Seriously. We thought about having communal bonfires with them they came so fast and hard.
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I had the same experience as COD and Atreides -- coupon books and discounts everywhere. Depending on what you'll be buying, you might also look into getting a Student Advantage card; I took Amtrak a lot in college and it paid for itself almost instantly.
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Word of advice, don't sign up for the credit card just because they are offering you a coupon for a free slice of pizza or a shirt or frisbee or whatever. It won't be worth it.
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There weren't a lot of discounts where I went to school about five years ago; it was a small liberal arts college and I imagine that a big university would be very different. I also used the Student Advantage card because I took Amtrak a lot. If they offer a good discount on something you plan on using than I would get one.

piratebowling is right: don't sign up for credit cards for free stuff. This is true everywhere in life, including your college campus! Student Advantage isn't a credit card, it's a membership card (like a AAA membership) that you can get if you're a student.

Also, many schools will have a list of the places in town that will give you a discount if you show your student ID. You might be able to get this in the student ID office, but it's probably also somewhere on the school's website.
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Good lord, everything around your school will offer a student discount. Maybe not in the "15% off whatever you want" sense, but often in the, "Show your ID and get a free soda with your 'za" sense.

Movie theaters and the like will offer discounts.

I just went and did whatever it was I wanted to do, and looked around for student discount signs. Or I asked about a discount. Around campus, it never failed.
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And don't forget about non-local discounts such as ski lift tix, canoe rental, college night at rock gyms, store, I'm sure there are tons more. Always carry the ID around with you, you never know when you'll end up saving a few bucks.
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