T-shirts that I can wear for the rest of my life
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Bob's Hardware. 10k Run/Walk. Timbuktu Science Center. I want an unlimited online source for these generic t-shirts that you see all the time. I just found out that there are sites that let you design these shirts for your organization or event such as this that give you all the generic clip art your heart could desire but they of course want a bulk order. Anyone know of a site that lets you design a shirt like this and just order 1 unit, or that lets you order a copy of a shirt that someone else has already got them to design?
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Do you mean like this? They may not be random enough or clip-artish enough for what you're looking for. Is there a reason you want to buy them online? I see a zillion of these for sale in my local thrift stores and would happily send you a random one every few months.
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Ding Ding Ding! I am officially psyched, that looks legit!

Jessamyn, I have previously gone the thrift store route but man is that a pain in the ass: when I find a shirt it isn't my size or there is something wrong with it.
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What jessamyn said--thrift stores pretty much exist to sell this kind of thing, and I suspect that it's the most efficient way of distributing random t-shirts.

Also, if somebody puts together a random-thrift-store-t-shirt swap, I'm totally in.
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