Where do you install this filter in this Renault?
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In a 2006 Renault Kangoo (french car) where you do you install the passenger area air filter (filter's AC, heater vent air etc). In french it's referred to as the "filtre d' habiacle".

My father has a replacement filter, but can't for the life of him find where it goes.

1.6 16V engine
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This might, might have the answer - my French isn't good enough to get everything!
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Here are some instructions in pdf: http://rb-aa.bosch.com/aa/en/static/produkte/filter/innenraum/einbau/
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Here are some instructions in pdf

Direct link (see page 4). It's well hidden, indeed (but obscure engineering seems to be a standard feature of the Kangoo...).
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For future reference, I'm guessing you mean "filtre d'habitacle". Apart from that, I believe the answer has already been given :)
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