Please help me find a font
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does anyone know where i can find a font like the one used for the "mister rogers' neighborhood" type?

does anyone know where i can find a font like the one used for the "mister rogers' neighborhood"? like the kind found here or here. Even though there are other similar fonts, I can't seem to find anything with the "swooshes" on some of the letters.
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Looks stylized to me. I submitted it to a font ID forum to double check and will report back with any findings.
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1. I doubt it's a font, that looks like a logo, so it would be a single unique creation. The swooshes only exist because they work well for that particular logo, not for a whole font.

2. Try searching

3. Also look on WhatTheFont.

4. Try a google search, using the keywords "mister rogers font"
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You're looking for a font with "swashes," which are just stylized caps. Since the Rogers font is custom type, you likely won't find anything so dramatic, but you can come close.

This is the best I found on a quick search.

Also, the venerable Hoefler Text has a swash version, as do many classic serif typefaces.
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I'm sure Letterhead Fonts would have something similar. They're not free but they sure are beautiful
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It looks to be a hand-drawn variation of some fat-serifed font of the day. Given the era it was done, I'd say it's based on something along the lines of old, venerable Cooper Black would fit the bill, though with a good bit of alteration by the artist.

Remember, that show (and logo) started life way back before computers. Back then we would regularly hand-alter type, or draw a type design based on a standard font. Certainly the swashes on the logo have a hand-drawn character to them.
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you definitely should ask this on you're going to get great suggestions there within a few hours.
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I'm pretty sure it's hand drawn. If you want something retro with swashes, Bookman Swashmight do the trick. Even so you're not going to get swashes like the Mister Rogers logo without customizing it yourself.
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krautland, i'm heading over to typophile right now, thanks! O9scar, the bookman swash looks as close to it as i've seen, i only wish it were free (but guess i understand why it isn't). thanks everyone and please keep the tips coming if you have other recommendations.
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