Roses are red, Violets are blue, Why can't I think of something to give to you?
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Need a cute "yay I'm glad we've been dating for 6 months!" gift or card idea.

Been dating a guy for 6 months, it's totally casual, but he's sweet and fun and appreciates thoughtful things, so I'd like to make him or get him a card or something for < $10 just to say "I'm glad we're dating and you're a lot of fun." For example, back in March I made him a "happy steak + blowjob day" card and he LOVED it. I'd like something just as lighthearted and flirty (or dirty, that's totally OK too!), and preferably something that can be left in his mailbox (don't worry it won't be creepy, we've done stuff like that before), or I was thinking something that looks like a parking ticket to put on his windshield.

Any suggestions?

He's into rock climbing and biking. But it doesn't have to be about that at all.

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6 steak and blow job day cards? :)
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This shows you how to make your own scratch-off card. Maybe make a scratch-off winning lotto ticket? You could use photos of yourself in different lingerie, and the winning combination of matching bra + panties (or matching naked parts) earns him a prize, printed on the card. The prize, of course, could be whatever his favorite thing is (er, blowjob?). That might be a lot of work though.
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Nthing the dirty rather than the flirty. Because dirty is flirty, you know.
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I made a tiny sign that said "I LOVE YOU" out of construction paper, glue, and a popsicle stick and stuck it into a banana muffin when my boyfriend was having a bad day.

I am also always a fan of drawing people comics.
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The Flirting seciton of someecards has some funny things. And they're free!

The list is extensive. Not sure what you're looking for but, what about these?
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I think treasure maps are awesome. You could incorporate fun and flirty/dirty ideas into a treasure map.

Related to a treasure map:

This might be overboard if your relationship is super casual, but you could do an "Amazing Race" kind of thing where you have a clue at each of X number of locations, and each clue could be a fun memory from your time together... i.e. 6 clues - one for each month you have been together.
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I've always liked, especially this one.
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I made him a "happy steak + blowjob day" card and he LOVED it.

Please consider it wasn't the card so much.
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I made him a "happy steak + blowjob day" card and he LOVED it.

Please consider it wasn't the card so much.

That's exactly why I'm not just buying a hallmark card and writing "I'm glad we're dating for 6 months" - that's lame. That's exactly why I'm thinking of creative ideas and asking for flirty and dirty ones.
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How about a happy steak and two blowjobs?
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I am going to divulge the most awesome gift idea ever, and it is as customizable as you want. Buy a bag of Hershey's Kisses. Take a piece of paper and cut it up into little strips that are the same size as those little paper tags that stick out of the kisses. Write schmoopy/flirty/sexy messages on them, and swap them out for the paper tags that are already in there. VOILA!
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Thanks for all the ideas! I love the scratch off one.

However, slight change of plans. I think we're breaking up instead. Ah well. I'll save those ideas for someone who deserves them.
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