Where to get wet and see something cool near denver?
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Where is there an exciting swimming hole/lake/river near Denver?

My parents are looking for a good place to see some waterfalls, go swimming, marvel at nature, etc tomorrow, near or in Denver.


1. Swimming possible please (for dad)
2. Something cool to see/do besides swimming, (for mom) this could be waterfalls, flowers, short hiking trail, whatever.
3. Close to Denver, CO (2 hours or less)

The perfect example from back home would be the kankamagus river in New Hampshire.

They've been to RMNP and golden gate canyon, and enjoyed both.
I'm also a visitor here, so I don't know where to send them.
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My family always used to go to the Boulder Reservoir but I'd say that meets only criteria 1 and 3. And I haven't been there in -- god! -- maybe 20 years.
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Here's a list of swimming holes in the western US, just do a page search for Colorado.
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Confluence Park right smack in the middle of Denver meets all these criteria.
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Eldorado Springs Resort is a historic spring fed swimming pool nestled at the bottom of Eldorado Canyon right outside of Boulder. There is a state park right next to it if you want to take in some hiking and scenery.
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