How do you make Grape Nuts edible?
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Sometimes I decide that I should buy Grape Nuts for breakfast because this cereal seems to be very healthy. Unfortunately, I always lose interest when I actually eat the cereal. Is there anybody out there who eats Grape Nuts daily and enjoys it? What do you do to it to make it edible?
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Mix it in with something else.
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Sprinkle it over yogurt.
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It needs to be added to vanilla yogurt, with some blueberries or strawberries; although, I think it tastes fine on its own in milk.
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Try your favorite protein powder over it. This may or may not improve the experience.
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Sliced bananas plus blueberries and sliced strawberries. Yum.
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(Also good with vanilla yogurt instead of milk.)
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add milk, microwave it. Sometimes with raisins and brown sugar.
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Microwave it with some milk. and brown sugar. and butter. And pretend it's still healthy.
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There are plenty of other cereals that are at least as healthy - I like "Uncle Sam" cereal. It's just pressed wheat grains and flax seeds. Very good for you, and if you put some fruit or a little honey/sugar on it, very tasty.
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Frozen blueberries work well over a little bit of milk.
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Yeah, add milk, heat it in the microwave. Mix some nutmeg in. Oh yum.
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I buy Grape Nuts O's, which are crunchy, cinnamon-y and approximately 10,000 times better than Grape Nuts, but presumably have all the fibery goodness of their less tasty cousin.
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With yogurt, let it sit a little bit, is perfect.

Also I only drink organic regular pasteurized milk which I find delicious, that may help if you are used to ultra pasteurized or other milk.

YMMV, as I love grape nuts.
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I let it soak.
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Using whole milk is a huge improvement over any sort of low fat variety.
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Seconding Uncle Sam -- though I hear that whole flax seeds never get digested and just pass through you. I don't find fruit or sugar necessary for Uncle Sam, but I do use regular (=sweetened) soymilk.
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Grape Nuts need seasoning, in my opinion. You can go the sweet route (pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, or vanilla), or the semi-savory route (salt, pepper, or onion powder). Then add other ingredients accordingly (coconut, fruit, yogurt, etc. for sweet) or (green onions, plain yogurt, tofu, etc. for savory). Maybe that's weird, yeah, I think it's weird. But I like it.
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I buy Bran Buds for my kids and sprinkle the buds on everything from mac and cheese to toast and from yogurt to pizza. I imagine you could do the same.
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I like "Uncle Sam" cereal.

Me too, it's more like unflavored Cocoa Pebbles than Garpe Nuts. I like Grape Nuts okay but they're not the end-all be-all of healthy cereal. I also like the Kashi cerals [Good Friends and whatever else] because I'm always looking for a protein punch before I go to the pool. My usual drill with any hippie healthy cereal is adding dried fruits and letting it soak in nonfat milk for a bit before eating.
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Mash blackberries (or strawberries or raspberries) into it with milk.
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Grape Nuts are just dried up bread bits. Don't knock yourself out trying to like them. They are not that good for you.
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I put honey in it. And vanilla soy milk. The grape nuts will soak up both and become quite tasty.

Also works well in yogurt.
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Definitely berries, or dried fruit.
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Nthing the yogurt and fruit thing. And realize that a serving size of grape nuts is only like 1/2 cup. It's a lot less than you think.
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Try it with wheatgerm.

/btw ... I'm the farthest thing you can imagine from a health-food nut. I'm pretty much a "buritos-for-breakfast" and Wendy's Baconator for lunch ... on the way to the store to buy smokes & beer kinda guy. But wheatgerm is REALLY good. I don't hold the health benefits against it.
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My partner makes fruit compotes (peach, apricot, etc.) which we then generously laddle on grape nuts. It's heavenly.

As others have mentioned, strawberries are very nice as well.
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eat something else....

I would suggest scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and maybe corned beef hash...
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Calorie and carb dense cereal that you further sweeten and to which you add milk.

There are healthier breakfasts. If you don't lke this particular not-very-healthy cereal for breakfast, don't sweat it.
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The only time I actually liked Grape-Nuts was when it was the only cereal my grandfather had in the house when I stayed with him. I had to let it soak and eat it slowly, but even then it was like a jackhammer in my mouth. (Or like the SNL commercial for Quarry cereal; "It's better 'cause it's mined.") But I learned to like it after letting it soften a bit. So, maybe pour the milk, then give it time to soak. Maybe read War and Peace while you wait.

(Also, I remember my grandfather constantly complaining that it was very hard to chew, and the pieces got between his dentures and his gums. But he kept on buying it, so go figure.)
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I mix small quantities of it in with berries and better tasting cereal.
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I really like Ezekiel 4:9 cereal, which is very texturally similar to Grape-Nuts, but a bit better for you - flourless, lower in sodium, and higher in protein, though without all the added vitamins and minerals. It comes in several varieties, including cinnamon raisin and almond, if the plain stuff is too boring.

I usually eat it dry, because I'm weird about soggy cereal, but sometimes I mix it up with Greek yogurt.

We also eat a ton of Flax Plus Raisin Bran, which is the tastiest healthy cereal I've tried (or the healthiest tasty cereal).

I like mixing my cereals together and "trail-mixing" them by adding raisins, dates, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc. Occasionally I'll mix up some good-for-you cereal with a small amount of nutritionally-suspect cereal, like Cracklin' Oat Bran or one of the Archer Farms granola-with-chocolate-chunks varieties.
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Once, I added grapes and walnuts to a bowl of Grape-Nuts. It was one of the most delicious breakfasts ever.
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The dusty box of grape nuts on top of the fridge is nigh universal. They're just not good.
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Nthing the microwave and/or fresh fruit. i like grape nuts b/c i haaate soggy cereal.
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I have grape nuts most days for breakfast, but I mix it with raisin bran and add some sunflower seeds (and, of course, milk).
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I love Grape Nuts, so I mostly eat it plain with milk, but I also like sliced bananas or other fruit on top. If you like the taste, but not the texture, try microwaving it once you've added the milk. It gets soft and warm and mmmmmmmmmmm.
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Bit of sugar, and that's it.

Note, not all Grape-Nuts are created equal. The version I had in Canada as a kid was apocalyptically terrible compared to the version I got in the US at the same time. The Canadian stuff was pretty much just breadcrumbs. Amazingly bad.

...not sure if that's still the case (it's been years since I bothered), but you may wish to consider regional variations when assessing the product.
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Try it with organic milk rather than regular. 2% or higher - you need a little fat to bind it all to gether.
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For years I've been completely satisfied with Grape Nuts with honey and milk.
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We always made it up hot growing up. But we did it on the stovetop like oatmeal instead of in the microwave. I've had both and like the stovetop better. If you have the time, give it a shot. The recipe used to be on the box back then. Otherwise google. I liked it cold and soggy too. I'd let it sit there for 10 minutes and go do something else.
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I like Grape Nuts (especially with brown sugar), but I no longer eat them very much. As someone already pointed out, they're not all that healthy. I like making my own cold cereal: a handful of oats, slivered almonds or chopped walnuts, raisons, and maybe some fresh fruit, + milk or yogurt. Or, plain old oatmeal, served either sweet or savory (see Mark Bittman's suggestions in the NY Times for savory oatmeal), is a sure win.
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Gah. There are so many other things that are just as healthful and way easier on your tooth enamel. Do you have a rice cooker? Set it to cook oatmeal, grits, Cream of the West (yum!), etc., etc., so that it's ready when you wake up, and doctor it up with all manner of dried cherries, apricots, raisins, cranberries, etc., and toasted walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc., and brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc. and so forth and so on. Life is too short for Grape Nuts!
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This admittedly takes away from the health food aspect, but I enjoy them in milk with some miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips mixed in.

Barring that, grape nuts are nice in yogurt.
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Natural maple syrup (i.e. not flavored corn syrup). They really go together well.
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Mash a banana with a little honey, mix in a good amount of plain yogurt and Grape Nuts. So delicious, I used to eat it for dessert.
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Organic Grape Nuts are NASTY too. I have no idea why.
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Grape nuts with lots of milk and brown sugar. Can't pour as big a bowl of it as you would regular cereal, though.
I've had Grape nuts ICE CREAM, which is delicious!
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Grape nuts with vanilla yogurt and mixed berries. Sometimes it is my dessert and I'll sprinkle some brown sugar too. So delicious!
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Grape Nuts are fantastic with ice cream, but you can't even pretend that's healthy. I eat Grape Nuts with yogurt and skim milk and I enjoy it. I'm not convinced that Grape Nuts are really that healthy though, unless you're comparing them to Coco Puffs or something. If you really want to eat healthy food, it might be worth your while to do some more research.
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I love Grape Nuts with just plain milk. I guess it's an acquired taste. And it is so incredibly calorie dense that if you are dieting you really have to be careful. As someone said already, a serving is a half a cup which is tiny as far as breakfast cereal goes.

Nutrient wise it's not all that special. A half cup of Grape Nuts is about 200kcal, 5g fiber, 7g protein. Compare with, say, GoLean, where a serving is one cup, 140kcal, 10g fiber, and 13g protein: two thirds the calories, twice the volume, and twice the fiber and protein. (GoLean also makes for a better yogurt topping, IMHO.)

Also noteworthy: Grape Nuts like most cereals is heavily fortified with minerals and vitamins, which gives the nutrition panel an impressive list of percentages. But those are just sprayed on and they dissolve in the milk, so if you don't finish all your milk you don't get them.
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I've been eating it dry for years. Crunch crunch!
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You might be happier with Go Lean.

It's "good for you" in that generic way, it's a LOT more interesting than Grape Nuts, and it has both fiber and protein, and a spritz of sugar.

We're big fans in our house and have found it prevents the late morning blood sugar crash brought on by doing things like eating bagels for breakfast.
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Go Lean is the other Kashi cereal I was thinking about. The 13g of protein it has is totally unequalled in the breakfast cereal arena (grape nuts has six) and it tastes slightly better. I keep a big jar of cereal in my kitchen and usually mix up Uncle Sam, Go Lean and Go Lean Crunch which has some of the rip-your-mouth-off feeling of Grape Nuts but also more protein. Add some dried cranberries and nonfat milk and you're golden.
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Try Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch, it's got fruit and flakes and stuff mixed in. Personally can't get enough of the stuff, particularly with vanilla soymilk.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone. I think the GoLean fans have it!
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microwave it with milk, add a banana and some kind of berries, s smidge of honey. yum.
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Maybe it's just not something you like.

I love Grape Nuts, and Uncle Sam (with or without raisins) and kashi cereals (although most of them are too damn sugary) to the extent that I will eat them raw and dry* as a snack. I have eaten half a box of grapenuts instead of popcorn in the movies many times. And yet, you would have to hold a gun to my head before I could eat more than two bites of Cinna Bun.

There's nothing morally wrong with not liking Grape Nuts.

If you are not a Grape Nuts fan by nature, you should perhaps take the advice of sprinkling your high-fiber cereals and flax and so forth on pizza and dumping in sauces and so forth.

*Cannot eat dry Weetabix, but have seen it done.
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On reflection, I just wanted to add that 'healthy' doesn't necessarily mean 'painful and revolting'. I can see how Grape Nuts sort of gives that off, but you could also have a bowl of minestrone, or some whole wheat pasta and sauce, or some fun thing with oatmeal or many other things that aren't the nutritional equivalent of wearing a hair shirt.

I'm adding this because my dad's vascular health gets worse and worse every year and somehow I think he thinks only meager, depressing food is healthy and if you really want a joyful eating experience it's pork sausage and beer or don't-even-bother. He doesn't see that there is a world of food out there that's also good and interesting, but is healthy. I think the food industry sort of delights in giving off the idea that awesome = chocolate chip waffles and healthy = bits of tree bark, but that's really a false and unfair dichotomy and sets people up so that they look at a box of Grape Nuts on a supermarket shelf and go, 'Looks awful. I should probably buy it.' (I myself have done this, so I know the spoonful of fish tank gravel that is the Grape Nuts Experience.)
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If you're reasonably handy in the kitchen, this homemade version tastes really good.
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While I wholeheartedly endorse the various hot Grape Nut recipes here, my favorite way to eat them is in Grape Nut Pudding.
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