tableau for mac??
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Help me find data visualization software like Tableau, where the visualizations can be viewed and interacted with by end users. But the rub is that I need it to work in the Macintosh environment.

Tableau allows me to create data visualizations that include "quick filters" so that with the click of a check box I can include or exclude groups or values, updating the charts automatically (see product tour here). Also, it has the capability to publish these visualizations to the web so that end users can also interact with the data in the same way. But, Tableau only works with Windows.

The critical feature is end users filtering data on the fly with charts that I have created. The charts need to be in a central place so updates are worry free, so a web based solution is optimal.

I need these features, or similar ones, that work for Mac. Any suggestions?
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Judging by the lack of responses, there may not be a native equivalent for the Mac. Your best bet may be to run Tableau itself via Parallels or VMWare, or even Boot Camp. The disadvantages of these approaches is the expense of the Windows license, and in the case of Parallels and VMWare a performance penalty. On the other hand, you already know how to use Tableau.
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