New Years Resolutions
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What are your New Year's Resolutions this year? [this is it; no more inside]
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1. To treat AskMe with reverence, and not to ask stupid questions for the sake of conversation.

2. To Write More.

3. To not die.
posted by seanyboy at 3:08 PM on December 16, 2004

None. Never made one, never will.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 3:15 PM on December 16, 2004

I've actually worked out mine. Usually I don't bother, but I've decided that all the gifts I buy for people will be at least one of; tools, ingredients, secondhand or in some way hand made or modified.

Now, this is kind of twisted as a normal New Years resolution, since it's actually about other people, but it's something I decided on right around the end of the year, so I thought I'd make an official resolution.
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Why do you want to know?
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Response by poster: It's for a college term paper. Honest.
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I always resolve not to make any resolutions.
posted by gnat at 4:13 PM on December 16, 2004

To surf less, and make more.

(Both on- and off-line.)
posted by ook at 4:13 PM on December 16, 2004

Response by poster: I'm actually gonna try South Beach. Losing 30-50 lb. wouldn't hurt.
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1. To treat AskMe with reverence, and not to ask stupid questions
ditto. seriously.

Also going to work on getting back into shape, though not necessarily losing weight, just working out more.
posted by rorycberger at 5:11 PM on December 16, 2004

Every year, I pick one person whom I usually could not stand to be around for more than 3 minutes and decide to be nice to them.

I've yet to last through the entire year on this. Not because I snap, but because I find myself being kind to them without even thinking about it.
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The same thing I do every year: try to take over the world . . . . .
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Of course, I realize I'm inviting scorn with this, but I don't make resolutions at New Year's, I make them before Burning Man. This year I resolved to take a few months off entirely from alcohol. It has worked out really well. The problem with New Year's resolutions is that New Year's is pretty much a day like any other. But the highly ritualized burn ceremony at Burning Man, which only comes once a year, is a really good marker for this kind of thing.
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Oooooo, maybe my New Year's resolution will be to go to Burning Man :-D
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To stop drinking gallons of soda. It's my weakness and something I need to ween myself off of.
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Become better with fingerstyle guitar. Learn to play my accordion. Make money before I'm off to college. Beat depression. Completely ditch ego. Read more Kerouac.
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I am giving up a year-long period of celibacy. In a BIG way.
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I never used to make any New Year's resolutions, until one time when I was 20.... [apologies for length]

I was backpacking through Southeast Asia and found myself in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on New Year's Eve. I rounded up a few fellow backpackers for a night on the town, and when someone asked me the inevitable resolutions question, I thought for a moment and replied, smugly, "I resolve to still be alive and breathing this time next year."

Later on that night, walking home, I was attacked by a bunch of street kids, seriously assaulted, bricked in the head, and stabbed 7 times in the back and shoulder. Miraculously (and thanks to the attentions of one of my companions) none of the wounds were life-threatening, and after a brief and painful hospital visit I was good to go. I continued my trip, and was on the road for two more months before returning home, none the worse for wear (if you don't count scars).

So, long story short, that's the resolution I make every year. Not that ambitious, granted, but it seems to work.
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This is pretty new to me : because I've hardly ever been able to follow through my resolutions, I decided to set myself goals for the year to come and set up a closed page on my wiki, titled HowToMakeABetterXavier, where I write the ideas as they come. Heh.

So far I've come up with many ideas, and set them into more general themes : Shape the body, Shape the mind, Control the environment, Preserve social life. Ideas range from new programming languages/tools I'd like to learn, to learn how to juggle, how to cook properly, set up reminders, enjoy more time with my g/f, go swimming, progress in guitar/bass playing, learn spanish, dancing, first aid, ties knots, see my friends more...

I feel I've been stalling for the last couple of years, not really learning anything or making progress. I'd like 2005 to be a year where I take the time to better myself in numerous ways.
My list is far from complete I think, but I also feel right now I'd need more than a year to complete it all properly. This list is a work in progress, hopefully I'll be done with it by New Year.
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Response by poster: XiBe-

Perhaps you are too ambitious? Pick one or two or three things you really think you can do and seriously intend to do. If you have a short list and are successful, it'll be that much easier to do it again next year.
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Doohickie : thanks, I know I'm being ambitious, that's why I said it was a work in progress. Right now I'm just gathering ideas about what I'd like to do/be. Then will come the time to be realistic and set the actual goals :)
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I haven't come up with any resolutions of my own yet, but my all-time favorite was from a friend of a friend who vowed to "drink more beer than ever."
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I don't make New Year's resolutions.
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