Re-sole rubber soles?
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Is it possible to have rubber-soled shoes re-soled?

I have a pair of Camper Persil shoes and the soles are getting a bit worn out. I paid quite a lot of money for these and the uppers are still in great condition, maybe even better than when they were new. I'd hate to throw them out just because the soles were worn out. Does anyone know if it's possible to have these re-soled?
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I was talking to a cobbler recently about some boots I have with moulded rubber soles and he strongly suggested I get them resoled, telling me how easy it was (I will but not yet). I've also had Doc Marten boots sucessfully resoled giving them several more years of life. Those shoes look pretty straight forward, I don't see why your local shoe repair place (choose one that has an actual cobbler, not the kind that does keys and stuff too) won't be able to fix them up for you.
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I took my beloved and decrepit Camper Pelotas to a cobbler last year and he told me that they would need to be sent back to Camper because they were sewn on, and that it would probably end up costing the same as a new pair. I don't know about the Persil, but I would suggest taking them to a cobbler to talk about it. It took 5 minutes.

I'm still thinking about sending them back to Camper, because they don't make that style anymore and, boy, did I love those shoes.
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Yes. My father used to get a pair of shoes with rubber soles re done every couple years and at the same time he also had the sole on one made about an 1" thicker than stock.
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You can also get a little hard-rubber plate thing installed on the bottom, preventing them from wearing down as fast next time.
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I have Ecco boots that had a molded rubber sole. When I had them resoled, the Ecco-designated resoling place indicated that they could not replicate the molded outsole. Instead, they replaced the outsole with a Vibram sole. IIRC, it cost me $70.
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I've just been wondering this recently, since I too have a pair of Campers that I'd like to keep wearing. Please let us know the outcome, as it would be helpful.
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Response by poster: I haven't had a chance to talk to a cobbler yet, but I got this from Camper:

Thank you very much for contacting with

We regret to inform you that, unfortunately, it is not possible to resole our products. This procedure would damage the shoes and cause them to be unusable.

If you think that your problem might be due to a manufacturing defect and the shoes are within the 2 year warranty we recommend that you process a claim on our website.

Here is the link:

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Best regards,

Camper Team
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