Small wedding in Yosemite: know of an amazing photographer with a package under $3K? Caterers too?
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Small wedding in Yosemite: know of an amazing photographer with a package under $3K? Caterers too?

I saw these photographers in CO who provide 2 shooters and let you keep the files for $2600. Anything like this in the San Francisco area or drivable distance from Yosemite?

Also, I would love to have Caridwyn & Sons cater a small lunch/picnic after the ceremony but I haven't heard back from them. I need some alternatives. Recommendations? Local, slow food, seasonal, reasonably priced, willing to help with decor, and do a small wedding? (Wedding cake not necessary.)

Thanks everyone.
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Two years ago, I found a great, local, cheap photographer by scouring Craigslist for professional photographers just starting out in the wedding photo business.

We ended up finding Courtney Wilson in the Lake Tahoe area, who did a great job - I know she is willing to travel for a wedding and her base rate is pretty low (I think packages start at $1200). She's only one photographer but honestly for a small wedding I don't know why you'd need two, especially if any of your friends and family are shutterbugs.
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J. Kevin Dunn does awesome, unique work. He lives here in the Okanagan, but has flown all over the world doing photography--mostly weddings. His photographs have a unique and lasting character, because he shoots from his heart as well as his eye. His prices are in line with your needs, and flights to California from here are cheap.
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Linda Ozaki of Wink Photography did our wedding last June. For $2500 we got her and an assistant for 8 hours, all day engagement session, DVD of all photos, 200 prints. I think she has changed her prices since then, but that was for her biggest package. We really liked the work she did for our wedding and I can't recommend her enough.
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A friend of mine recently got married, and they used
Photographic Denver.
They were lucky enough to live local to Colorado, but
the company travels the world shooting events, weddings and

I think my friend got lucky with the price though, because it was
very affordable. Their wedding album looks great.
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