Converting clip-on earrings
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Suggestions for converting clip-on earrings into post earrings?

So, I scored some great 50s-era earrings at the flea market this weekend. Trouble is, they're clip-ons, which I don't really care for. Is it possible for someone with intermediate-level craft skillz to make them into post earrings? Or should I take them to a jeweler?

Thanks in advance!
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Depends very much on the earrings - can you post a picture?
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Response by poster: Good point. Here's the front and the back. They're enameled metal, and a bit on the heavy side.
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You can buy just the posts at craft stores. If you're not too worried about damaging them, just pry off the clips and hot-glue new posts on.

If they're more valuable (or if you have sensitive ears) I'd go to a jeweler.
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I would use something like E6000 for this rather than hot glue. (Hot glue ain't so hot for gluing non-porous surfaces together.)

How heavy are the earrings, though? If they have some weight to them, they will sit on your ears differently if they are "pierced" earrings than they would if they are clip-ons. Where you glue the posts on will have an impact on this also. This is something to consider before you start your project.
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If you really love these earrings, you might want to go to a local jeweler's and get the posts soldered on ... glue will not be reliable. A good jeweler, in removing the clips, should also smooth the back where the hinge formerly attached, so that the earrings are comfortable and look right.
Note you don't attach the posts to the earring-back where the clip-hinge attaches. The hinge attaches to the earring at the "bottom" of the leaf (see your picture), with the "pincher" (where the earring clings to the ear) toward the top. To keep a similar balance, attach the post where the pincher touches (or even higher), not where the hinge attaches. This is especially so (nthing kitty teeth) if the earring is heavy, so that it hangs well. I had heavy earrings that I wanted to change from clip to post; these were round and, as clips, sat on the center of the earlobe. As posts, they must dangle just slightly below, because the post is toward the edge of the earring. Couldn't put the post in the center -- the weight twisted the earring to point downward, instead of forward.
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Assuming you have pliers, I'd remove what I could of the moving parts and then make the decision of DIY vs Jeweler. You may get lucky and find that the clip part will easily separate from the decorative part and you'll be able to DIY easily, following the great tips above. But if you find the clip part is practically welded to the decoration, you can bring it to a jeweler. Either way, those moving parts will be coming off.
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I had this done with some vintage earrings I got for my wedding. Took them to a locally owned bead/jewelry store, and they did it for me. I didn't want an earring falling off during my wedding, you understand.
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