Audio driver problems!
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Audio driver needed for Sony Vaio VGN-SX61MN/B model laptop with Windows XP SP3!

I recently downgraded to XP SP3 from Vista and cannot find a suitable audio driver. The ones on the Vaio website seem not to install properly. Very frustrating! Please help.
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Have you tried running Windows Update to see if it's able to identify/download any drivers automatically? The Lazy Way (tm) doesn't work every time, but sometimes you get lucky, and generally it's pretty good about grabbing updated audio or video drivers. :)
posted by Jinkeez at 7:03 AM on August 17, 2009

Try this one.

I expect it will do the trick?

But failing that try the... Sigmatel site?
Or even other laptop manufacturers that used that same part?
Persistence always pays off :)

Also I'm assuming that when you run the install for your audio driver you get *some kind of error message/ it indicates that the install has failed*
and not that it appears to install correctly but you still have no sound. Yeah?
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Response by poster: That's correct. It appears as if the computer hasn't acknowledged that the audio device even exists as I can't find it in device manager etc!
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