How does one drive a fake cop car around?
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I'm looking to rent a fake cop car for a quick, no-budget film shoot. My question is, how the hell do I transport it without getting pulled over for impersonating an officer or getting similar attention from law enforcement?

Weird question I know, but calls to the Police Station (Wilcox Ave, Hollywood, no less) went nowhere. They had no idea and gave us no firm answer. Ideas/experiences/better places to ask?
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Don't drive it. Flatbed it.
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Could you tow it? I think driving one is the main thing real cops would be concerned about.
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Best answer: You can drive it, as long as it's registered. You're just not allowed to turn on the lights or sirens. The rental place we rent them from here in San Francisco rents them with a cover for the lightbar. Obey the speed limit and you'll be fine.

The laws in your state may vary, but in CA, covering up the lightbar is sufficient. Any place you rent them from ought to be able to tell you how to move it.
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Call the mayor's office for film or something like that. Get a permit even. Might get a real cop car too.
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I don't know about the USA but you can see fake NYPD copy cars driving around Vancouver BC sometimes. I assume they coordinate it with the city's film office.
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