Ubuntu dialup internet snafu
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I am having problems getting a dialup internet connection to work under ubuntu 8.04.

I seem to be able to configure the connection OK, but then when I check the box next to it, no connection is made. The modem is external on /dev/ttys0. Anyone have experience with this?
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Are you getting any modem result codes back? If so, post 'em here. Is the modem dialing, negotiating, or is there even dial tone on the line?
posted by paulsc at 1:20 PM on August 16, 2009

paulsc is right in that a transcript of the AT commands would be useful.

that being said, I've always had wonderful results with wvdial for establishing PPP connections under linux. (I used an external USR modem and wvdial to dial up to my local ISP for many years.)
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