Great movie, awesome sunglasses
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Where can I find Ryan Gosling's sunglasses in Half Nelson?

I just love the glasses that Ryan wears in this movie. I've searched high and low and can't seem to find a pair like it.

Here here here and here are some shots of them.

This is the closest pair I've found. I ordered them and they're coming in about a week, so I'll tell you guys if they're pretty close or not.

Berkel Aviator

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i saw a pair that was very, very similar in a discount store a few weeks ago. check bargain stores (more than a dollar store, cheaper than department stores) -- you might find a cheap pair on the rack.
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Here as well
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How about these?

The squared lens seems to be the part that's most difficult to match.
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Ray-bans : These look pretty close
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The Ray-bans are the closest I've seen so far, I don't have a picture of it but on the side of Gosling's glasses there is one metal strip, on the Ray-bans there are two screws. Maybe I'm just too picky.
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