I can get a toe, what about the shirt?
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I shall not rest until I find the shirt donned in the VW "Dudeism" commercial. Without even knowing of the existence of the religion, I have been religiously following everything this suggests and have a feeling this shirt will tie the room together. Anyone know where I can get the DaVinci shirt of the Dude?
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No shirt, but here's the image, if that helps?

(And thanks for making me spend 10 minutes googling "Virtuvian Lebowski." There's a first time for everything.)
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Best answer: Here you go.
posted by cerebus19 at 4:22 PM on August 13, 2009

The shirt appears to be backwards in the commercial. Probably flipped the shot in post.
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Best answer: Found it....

(Four minutes after cerebus, apparently. They have great other stuff at Cafe Press, also. Love the Dudefish.)
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Response by poster: I remain amazed by you guys...
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You can also go to the Source: http://www.dudeism.com/
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Somehow I can't see The Dude laminating membership cards.
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