Help me repair a few jimmied EXIT signs!
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Do 2 or 4 bulbs in a regulation exit sign light up automatically? Ie, are the two outer small bulbs automatic and the two inner 120V/4W jobs there as backup? I'm not an electrician and retailers don't have much (anything) in the way of repair guides..only product order forms.

These are exit signs in a theater that have been disabled for art's sake, but which by law need to at least be able to remain lit. It also looks like the button on the bottom of the box used to have a plastic mechanism that let the light click and stay on--now the two outer lights only remains lit if you hold the button in.

My extended questions are:

Is my diagnosis of the disabled plastic accurate -> Do they normally click on and off using the button on the bottom?

Should I be gunning for all four lights turning on, or are the inner two routed to the battery for when the outer lights fail? (I could unscrew and replace the inner 120V's but the outer 2 look like they come as part of the system.)
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