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Simple Mefi, simple! I just want to buy a replica of the Orin from the 80's fantasy film The Neverending Story. I'd like a nice one, but at this point....

Thus continuing my epic quest to ask Metafilter to provide me with things that simply don't exist (see my last question where I asked for an apparently very rare version of The Jerk), I really, really want a nice, high-quality replica of the Orin from The Neverending Story. You know, the little symbol of the two snakes biting one another found on the book Bastion steals from the book store. Help me Mefi, help me.

(I still haven't found that copy of The Jerk either)
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There is a ton on google. But it is spelled Auryn. Google for that and it will bring up lots of options.
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You might consider talking to a jeweler if you want something high quality and are willing to pay for it.
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Best answer: Auryn on eBay has a wide range of options, from the cheap to the expensive.
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I skimmed this when you posted several hours ago... and "Say My Name" is still running through my head. Damn Destiny's Child.
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It seems like you found what you were looking for, but if you don't want one that is literally the Auryn, you should know that the symbol is a form of the Ouroboros, and it's featured on all sorts of jewelry. (In fact, Ourorboros jewelry places a part in Heinlein's classic short story "All You Zombies.")
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