Tiny pen needed!
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Where can I find a tiny, functional pen, which could fit into a metal case such as this one? The case is 4 inches by 2.5 with a depth (fatness) of half an inch.
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Google reveals the wallet pen
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Like these?
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Best answer: Amazon says the bullet space pen would fit.
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A knife place that sells Swiss Army Knives will be able to supply the pens that fit the knives. They are only a couple of dollars and about the same size as a round toothpick.

There is also the derringer wallet pen.

With half an inch to play with you could cut down the classic plastic Bic. If you relocate the end bit it won't leak ink all over the place.
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I came in to recommend the Fisher Space Pen, but Zed's beaten me to it. I love mine.
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Maybe the PicoPen, which is what I found when I searched for my initial answer, the pen that comes with a PicoPad.
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Best answer: Thirding the Fisher Bullet. It's a design classic, and measures about 3.7" when closed, and opens up to a full-sized pen. The diameter is just under 0.4" (according to my digital caliper), so it ought to fit nicely in your case.

I've had one for a few years now and it's a pleasure to use.
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Response by poster: See, this is why I like the ratio inherent in Metafilter. For every angry social worker, there are at least five savvy shoppers giving usable advice.
Thanks, all.
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I have a small zebra pen that would fit too I think. Where can I get the case, though?
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Those bullet pens are great, but I kept losing mine. They slip right out of your pocket.

The Fisher Space Pen Stowaway, on the other hand, is so small that I keep one in my wallet. They are not refillable, however.


A few folded up index cards are nice to have along with the pen.
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The Sharpie micro would fit. And you can write on lots of surfaces with it, without a hard backing.
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