Looking for instrumental "busy" music
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I am looking for snazzy, retro-modern sounding instrumental songs evoking busyness or a kind of brisk purposefulness. Two representational examples are Khachaturian's Saber Dance and Koop's Moon Bounce.

I am interested in anything in this vein, but I know there is one that's almost as freqently used as "Saber Dance" that I can't remember. I already know and love the incidental music from Ren and Stimpy.
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Could you be thinking of Flight of the Bumblebee?
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There's also In the Hall of the Mountain King, of course.
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The Typewriter, by Leroy Anderson.
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Best answer: "Powerhouse" is the go-to industrial progress soundtrack.
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Devil's Gallop, better known as the Dick Barton theme is a popular cliche for this kind of thing - as used by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.
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I'm also fond of The Basket Game from the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack.

Two Rossini pieces, the William Tell Overture and Largo al Factotum are often used to evoke purposefulness/busyness.
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"Central Services / The Office" from the soundtrack to Brazil
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Ananda Shankar's Dancing Drums gives you that busy feel with an Indian inflection.

Steve Reich's Nagoya Marimbas is a minimalist version that is very nice.
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