Too lazy to google, not too lazy to go to the gym.
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Where do I buy gym shoes in the (Chicago) Loop? I trashed my Nikes at Lollapalooza over the weekend, and I don't want to show up to my "Personal Fitness Assessment" tonight with busted kicks. I'm at Monroe & Franklin, so the closer to there the better.
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go to running away. they are nice and competent.
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Running Away isn't in the Loop, however - neither are most good running shoe stores.

There's a Foot Locker on State Street, between Adams and Jackson, so if you're just looking for generic gym shoes that might be your best bet. That's the closest place I can think of. (Though if you do run, get fitted for running shoes!)
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Best answer: Nordstroms Rack, 24 North State Street, has an amazing selection of shoes, including gym shoes, on the 2nd floor. (It's where I got my awesome New Balances that I trashed at Lollapalooza.)
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I love the Sports Authority at 620 N. LaSalle and Ontario. The place has everything and it's not that far from you. Probably a 20 minute walk or so.
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Niketown is just across the River from the Loop. Michigan at Erie, about 1.5 miles from where you are. You can pick up a 151 bus right near you, which will drop you off at Michigan & Huron, the street north of Erie.

Also, Field's--uh Macy's in the Loop should have sneakers.
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